HALT THE HARM Rally and Press Conference in Albany: Tuesday June 14, Noon

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The Coalition to Protect New York stands in solidarity with United Against Fossil Fuels and all groups fighting the ongoing assault by destructive fossil-fuel infrastructure on communities all around our state.

Please join with our allies on Tuesday in Albany to show that we’re not fooled by talk of a “ban” when pipelines and compressor stations and fossil-fuel storage and distribution facilities are proliferating like germs, and that we say SHUT DOWN SPECTRA-AIM and all other pipelines and compressor stations, CPV VALLEY POWER PLANT and all gas-fired power plants, CRESTWOOD and all other gas storage schemes, BOMB TRAINS, and all other fossil fuel infrastructures and related industries.

NOON TUESDAY on the Million Dollar Staircase, 3rd Floor Capitol Building Albany NY.

This is from the UAFF Facebook event page:

Despite the administrative moratorium on high-volume hydraulic fracturing in New York State, we have seen an unprecedented proliferation of fracked oil and gas infrastructure development, as well as a dramatic increase in our use and dependency on fracked gas. United Against Fossil Fuels is a new coalition of over 30 grassroots, frontline, and environmental groups that has formed to stop this buildout and challenge the systemic causes of our fossil fuel dependency once and for all.

Two major projects rapidly under construction in New York, The SPECTRA-AIM PIPELINE in Westchester County and the CPV VALLEY POWER PLANT in Orange County, along with pending approvals for many other pipelines, compressor stations, power plants, and storage facilities, all demand urgent action. As a result of this infrastructure, environmental and public health harms are already underway. Our use and dependency on fracked gas and our acceptance of radioactive waste also create unacceptable harm in both New York and Pennsylvania.

The powerful anti-fracking movement must urgently re-engage; our work is not yet done. We stand on the precipice of an irreversible public health and climate change crisis. We must rebuild our movement now to stop fracking infrastructure.

Join us to DEMAND that our elected officials and state agencies immediately “HALT THE HARM”. When the health and safety of New Yorkers are at risk, Governor Cuomo has an obligation to act immediately. We demand an immediate halt to the construction of the CPV Power Plant and Spectra-Aim Pipeline. We further demand a total rejection of state approvals for ALL pending oil and gas projects. Finally, we demand that incentives for gas be removed from all state regulatory proceedings.

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