You Are Here NYS fracking infrastructure map project


SHALESHOCK MEDIA VIDEO ARCHIVE, a compendium of (mostly) videos produced by the grassroots volunteer collective ShaleshockMedia, including presentations, speeches, town board meetings, panel discussions, protests, rallies, and more.

FracTracker – Resources Maps of wells, of towns with bans and moratoria, spills and accidents, antidemocratic resolutions, and more. Compiled by Karen Edelstein.

FracTracker – New York Information

The fracking music video from ProPublica

Fantastic list of antifracking songs, lyrics, audio, and video; add yours!

Great blog by Sue Heavenrich, “The Marcellus Effect” 

Some recent writing by CPNY’s Maura Stephens on fracking and related topics:

“Frack Attack: Fighting Back” Columns in No Frack Almanac (PDFs):

New York’s Already Being Fracked (Vol. 2, Issue 2, p. 12)

It’s a Crime (Vol. 2, Issue 1, p. 12)



“American Lung Association Contradicts Its Own Mission.” The ALA acknowledged that fracking causes massive amounts of cancer-causing air pollution. But, after receiving hefty donations from a fracking company, it switched to falsely promoting gas as “cleaner than other fossil fuels.” (cowritten with asthma and allergy physician Ronald Saff, MD)

Don’t Assume Fracking “Won’t Happen Here.” On the eve of an important election in New York State municipalities, Stephens points out how misleading it is when some claim “it’s unlikely to happen here.”

Open Letter to the Wilderness Society: How DARE You? in response to its appeal headlined “We need strong standards for fracking on our public lands”

Fracking: We Know What We’re Against. But What Are We FOR? Antifracktivists are sometimes accused of being hypocritical for using fossil fuels, or of not offering up alternatives to “natural” gas. Show detractors this.

Ernst v. EnCana: News from Alberta, where oil and gas industry consultant Jessica Ernst is suing EnCana and the Canadian province’s primary energy regulator, Energy Resources Conservation Board (ERCB) for allegedly contaminating the fresh water aquifers that supply her home town of Rosebud.

PDF of TONY INGRAFFEA’s PowerPoint presentation in Spencer, March 2012: “Unconventional Shale-Gas Drilling: The Science, the Myths, the Dreams, the Realities”

TRANSCRIPT of DEBORAH ROGERS presentation given in NYS and PA, March 2012 (PDF): In Their Own Words: Examining Shale Gas Hype.

PDF of DEBORAH ROGERS’s PowerPoint presentation at Owego, April 2012, advanced economics version.

ABC-TV Australia: Fracking : Views from Texas and North Dakota
New York Times’s Drilling Down series of articles and source materials

A GRASSROOTS PERSPECTIVE: Is the DEC Spending Taxpayer Funds on Propaganda to Promote ‘Safe’ Fracking? A Look at New York Governor Cuomo’s Hydraulic Fracturing Advisory Panel (2011)

Part I:   Why Did Governor Cuomo Establish the Hydrofracking Advisory Panel?
Part II: How Appointed “Environmentalist” Organization Representatives Betray, Rather than Represent the Environmentalist Movement Against Hydrofracking
Part III: Conclusions and Demands


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